RFSL Rådgivningen Skåne


As board members and staff, we are proud to be working for a better health for LGBTQ people, and for a more open society to live and work in. We have worked for many years in an organization that promotes creativity and has contributed to us being the obvious choice for LGBTQ people in Skåne.


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Elisabet Nidsjö Educator, works primarily providing training to professionals Switchboard: 040-6119951. Mobile: 0760-247834.


Gabriel Nilbo, works as a counsellor and with Check Point Skåne. Phone: 040-6119950.


Mikael Andersson Project developer, working with HIV/STI prevention among MSM, CheckPoint Skåne and provides training to professionals. Switchboard: 040-6119951. Direct: 0760-275642.


Niklas Eriksson Project developer, working with HIV/STI prevention among MSM, CheckPoint Skåne and provides training to professionals. Switchboard: 040-6119951. Direct: 0765-735271.

Hanna Thomé works as a counsellor. Phone: 040-6119950.


Thomas Wilkens-Johansson Authorized social worker/therapist. Authorised specialist in clinical sexology. Works with counselling and at the sex therapy clinic.


Tore Runnerstam Business Economist, working with finance and HIV / STI prevention among MSM and CheckPoint Skåne. Switchboard: 040-6119951. Direct: 0738-432332.

Žana Dončić

Žana Dončić Authorized social worker. Project manager for HBTQompetens – Region Skåne , works primarily providing training to professionals. Switchboard: 040-6119951. Mobile: 0761-86 91 62.


The board is elected at the RFSL Rådgivningen Skånes annual meeting. The period of office is two years. Board members are to be knowledgeable about lgbtq issues, HIV, social matters, labour relations and other relevant matters.

Caitlyn Svorén, president

Oskar Larsson, board member

Edith Escobar, board member

Lila Johansson, board member

Emma Eliasson-Åström, board member

Myrvete Bajrami, board alternate

To get in contact with the board, send an email to